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Our current harvest is making waves across the community

Creating repeat business is the name of the game when it comes to a proper pot shop, and you can't do that without consistent product on your shelves. Time and time again we've hooked our retail partners up with products customer are asking for by name. Strains like our hard hitting Northern Lights known for it's potent indica properties has had customers returning for more as it's heavy sedative effects are desired by many across the Great Land. Looking for something a bit more exotic? Snatch up some of our Wedding Cake or Pudding Pop and be prepared for a Cannabis experience like you've never had before as these hard hitting exotic hybrids will wow even the most veteran of Cannabis Connoisseurs. Looking for something a little more tasty? Maybe you want that fruity, citrus heavy taste to compliment your day to day duties; ride the flavor train over to one of our retailers and pick up some Afgan Kush or Fruit Juice, as these terp heavy strains taste more tropical than a box of fruit loops. With something for everyone, Grass Frontier Farms is here to stay in the Alaska Marketplace, so do yourself a favor and pick some up today! 


Half Gram rollies are a hit

Picture Perfect Every Time


Our half gram rollies have been a huge hit. Loaded up with our mid trim blend, these little guys pack a punch. Make sure to ask for them at your favorite shop.

Smooth Burning


Our properly packed rollie's burn slow and steady, maximize your toke with pre-roll perfection from Grass Frontier Farms.



As long as we're rolling, the people will keep on smoking. Our rollies will keep customers coming back time and time again. 

Exotic Genetics to the Great Land

Trichomes anyone?


Amidst a sea of growers, Alaska's Cannabis marketplace has been flooded with a who's who list of strains, and strain names that a lot of us have never even heard of before. While many growers have made a valiant effort to be original and name their strains something fancy and unique to the territory, we think these iconic strains and their lineage need to be preserved, and their story told as real as it gets. We've chosen only the finest genetics from across the cannabis world and our expert growers are hard at work to bring out their full potential like the "Wedding Cake" hybrid strain featured here.

Keeping it 100%


You won't find any fancy Alaskan take on strain names when it comes to Grass Frontier Farms bud, we want to keep it real with our customers and provide them with as much rock solid information as possible about our product, time and time again. We want you to know that if it came out of a Grass Frontier package, it's as real as it gets and as close as it gets to the legendary strain name that brought you to our bud in the first place. 

Our Promise to You


Professionalism, Commitment to Quality and Consistency, combined with an unparalleled promise to top notch customer service are just a few of the reasons why Grass Frontier Farms is quickly becoming an Alaskan staple in the ever expanding Cannabis Marketplace. If you're a retailer looking to bring tier one products to your shelves, and bring customers back time and time again, look no further as Grass Frontier Farms has arrived to make your life easier than ever. 

Why go with Grass Frontier Farms?

All Natural


Being long time Cannabis Connoisseurs, we highly value the importance of organically produced pot. From our live growing medium, to our all natural plant food combined with our tedious hand watering methods,  Grass Frontier Farms is all organic from start to finish and the difference is clear.  



Our team has over 30 years of combined experience dealing with not only Cannabis, but all essential aspects of the Industry such as marketing, retail & wholesale sales, team building and management. We are here to succeed and make sure our partners and retailers succeed along with us. Let us help take your business to new heights and contact us today about becoming a retailer of our fine flowers.



Being involved in Alaska's Cannabis Industry since day one has allowed us to sample the full spectrum of buds available across the great land. We've heard what the people want and we've listened, which is why Grass Frontier Farms has stocked nothing shy of what we feel is one of the most diverse and exotic seed banks you'll find anywhere across Alaska.  


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